HGM Infrastructure

  • Facility Details

    • Ins and out of/about the salient features of institution.
    • Friendly environment, considerable freedom and an unusual degree of democracy.
    • A healthy, peaceful and delectable environment.
    • A well qualified, experienced, dedicated and laborious teaching staff.
    • Ultra modern teaching with audio-visual aids.
    • Spacious building.
    • Well equipped science labs (Physics, Chem, Bio).
    • A big library – rich with 5,000 fruitful and meaning books.
    • Door to Door transport facility.
    • Water cooler and R.O system for pure and could water.
    • Regular best board result.
    • Sport facility by expert trainers.
    • Impressive house system run by students.
    • Incredible discipline.
    • 24 Hours electricity supply with the help of generator/Inverter.
    • Proper evolution of the child with the help of unit test and P.T.M
    • Regular intra as-well-as inter school painting, debate, essay writing Competitions.
    • Yummy – Yummy canteen facilities.

  • Computer Laboratories

    All the laboratories are equipped with most modern machines. All the computers are connected via a Local Area Network. Internet facility is available for the academic needs of the students.

  • Library

    The total number of books for both the libraries is a whopping with the number increasing with each passing day. The libraries have sections ranging from textbooks and reference books to fiction and general knowledge. Since the school aims at making learning a fun process, there is an assortment of books and magazines available on general topics and separate sections for hobby-related books, books on travel, animal care, short stories, drama, poetry, astrology and other topics. The school has a well-stocked library with more than 7,000 Books and subscribes regularly to 14 magazines / periodicals and 6 different Newspapers of English and Hindi.

  • Transport

    This department plays a pivotal role in coordinating the scores of school buses essential for ferrying students and faculty members from different parts of the city to the school and vice-versa. This department also holds the additional responsibility of arranging vehicles for visitors, for recreational activities like school picnics, and to send students to participate in various inter-school activities.

  • Sports

    The school has the following facilities:


  • Smart Classes

    The Teach Next smart class provision adds to the quality of teaching in the class-room because students learn better.

  • Science Labs

    With the cause and effect relationship being central to understanding science, the science lab helps provide an environment where the student learns by practical training. Employing his theoretical lessons to breathe life into his learning, the science lab plays a pivotal role in furthering the understanding and application of science.

  • Infirmary

    first-aid facilities to the students and staff.

    The Clinic not only provides medical attention to those who are unwell but also conducts yearly health checkups for both students and faculty members.